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classic roman community Vipasca, called Al-luster via the Arabs, to which it was subsequently conquered, on 1234, with the reign regarding D.Sancho II, designed for D.Paio Peres Correia additionally, the Knights within the Order about Santiago da Espada.<br />
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In last each of the centuries, the harshness belonging to the activity about mining involved almost the entire package region, molding to barefoot running the habits and also traditions.<br />
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Known due to the fact immemorial times for their mineral deposit, it does not need certanties if the mining should have started.Then again, the diversified existing work, since age Cobre, highlight that this exploration provides started, 3, 000 quite a few years before Christ.It will be with this Roman practise between secs.AS I and IV d.K.that the item initiates the particular exploration inside wide scale within the ore, this was carried to be able to Rome.<br />
<br />
Once the Roman vocation, these mines have been left to be explored, but started out again for the wide level in 1849.Nevertheless temporarily desactivated, considering the fact that 1993, the my very own constitutes a necessary economic and also cultural patrimonium.


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