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About A club of its own

A club where you can read what you want and share it with the others. Because sometimes you just don't know what to read. It can be non-fiction or ficion. Romantic or Horror. Vampires or Princess. It really does not matter, just share what you have read so others can read it to. Thanks for joining.


One Day At A Time by Danielle Steel
Just picked it up at walmart. Just wanted to share in case someone else like this Author. The book is paper back and about 400 pages. So go get it and join me on this wonderful romanitc novel. And we can chat about it soon. Happy reading!
posted by vbryant 4245 days ago
Prom nights from HELL
I Just read PROM NIGHTS FROM HELL by STEPHENIE MEYER. Yes the twlight author. well actually it is her and a few other Vampire authors. It is a book with 5 stories in it. I liked it and pasted it on to my teen daughter. So pick it up a walmart. There is other series involved I just have not gotten them. Happy reading
posted by vbryant 4245 days ago

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Bad Apples by Kristina Aziz
Bad Apples
by Kristina Aziz
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