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Book Clubs Online

online book club community and management system

About Book Clubs Online

Book Clubs Online is a free website that allows users to create and/or join book clubs full of useful features like event calendars, forums, online chat, and much more. Some book clubs registered here may be online homes for "real world" organizations - allowing you to schedule your upcoming meetings and have an online extension of your book discussions. Alternatively, some clubs may only exist online, with virtual discussions and meetings powered by the chat and forum systems.

In case you missed it above, let me say it again. Everything here is 100% free to use! That's right, there are no fees whatsoever to join or create book clubs. If you're thinking there must be a catch somewhere... well... there isn't one. The site thrives on the advertising you see around you, thus keeping registration free for everyone. Don't worry though, we do our best to keep all advertising as relevant and unobtrusive as possible so you won't be seeing any popups or popunders anytime soon.

The History of Book Clubs Online

It all started when I did a search for book clubs to see what kind of websites existed for people to manage their book clubs online. After scouring the search engines for quite some time, I realized that there really wasn't much out there. Sure, there are many general purpose forums for people to communicate, but nothing dedicated to book clubs. As such, I decided it was time there was a resource that catered to the book worms in all of us. Thus, Book Clubs Online was born.

The Future of Book Clubs Online

Book Clubs Online is still quite new, and as such, let's just say it's currently in "beta" - but don't worry, you can use it without breaking it too badly. I have fairly sizeable list of features planned for the site and will continually be updating this place to make it even better than it currently is (sounds impossible right?). I'm always up for any suggestions you have for the site so feel free to contact me regarding anything you'd like to see added or changed.

Your quest for knowledge still not satisfied? Head on over to the F.A.Q. and see if that does the trick. If not, you can always use the contact form to send me your inquiries.